Ranking the 5 seasons that Liverpool spent the most on players

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Ranking the 5 seasons that liverpool spent the most on players in club history. Report from UFABET

4. 2010/11 – £87.9 million

The Reds in a transitional. That time had just change their manager from Rafa Benitez. To Roy Hodgson and release many famous stars from the team. Including Fernando Tor. In terms of recruiting players, they are expected to throw in their best with striker Luis Suarez from Ajax (23.8 million). Pound) Newcastle’s Andy Carrow (£36.9m) to strengthen in the winter. Liverpool
Raul Mereles from FC Porto was £11.7m,
Christian Poulsen from Juventus, £4.9m

3. 2015/16 – £113.8 million

I must say during transfer play. That summer season. The manager remain Branden Rodgers.
Christian Bain that year. Teke from Aston Villa, £41.8m
Roberto Firmino from Hoffenheim, £36.9m
Nathan Clyne from Southampton, £15.9m
Danny Ings from Burnley, £7.4m.
Marco Grujic from Red Star, £6.3m,
Joe Gomez from Charlton, £
4.4m, Tyvo Avonyi from Imperial, £900,000
Adam Bogdan from Bolton, Free
James . Milner from Manchester City, free
Stephen Caulker from QPR, loan.

2. 2014/15 – £136.2 million

After last year lost the league title unfortunately. Liverpool Returning this season, Rodgers has been working hard to strengthen his squad in hopes of returning to challenge again. 

Adam Lallana from Southampton, £27.9m
Dejan Lovren. From Southampton, £22.7 million
Lazar Markovic, from Benfica, £22.5 million,
Mario Balotelli from AC Milan, £18 million
Alberto Moreno from Sevilla, £16.2 million

1. 2017/18 – £156.4 million

It can said that this is the beginning of Liverpool’s success in the present era. They reinforce the army much. Who are lacking in the right spots.
Virgil van Dijk from Southampton, £76.1 million