Post-match issues UEFA Nations League 2022

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Post-match issues UEFA Nations League 2022 player-keyman grades cut

England’s Mayan draw narrowly 1-1 with Germany, with the hosts leading in the 50th minute from Jonas Hofmann. Before Harry Kane equalized from the penalty spot in the 88th minute. causing the scores to be split in the end. Report from UFABET

Start the game as the host who greeted first from Kai Havertz. But still went straight to Pickford from the first minute of the game.

In the 7th minute, Kane tried to send far, but went straight to Neuer as well.

In the 23rd minute, Jonas Hoffmann dropped a single shot. Before a shot against Pickford went in, but was caught offside first.

After 3 minutes, Kane gets an orange ball in the penalty area. But unfortunately flew over the beam

In stoppage time, both sides were in contention. With the hosts Jamal Musiala volleying in the box but Pickford still accepted. The visiting team got a chance to win from Bukayo Saka’s two consecutive shooting opportunities, but could only do so almost.

The first 45 minutes ended with a scoreless draw 0-0.

Starting the second half, only 5 minutes, Germany took the lead first from the moment that Kimmich paid through the penalty area for Hoffmann to shoot openly, although Pickford was able to round it off. But with strength, the ball flew into the goal.

Two minutes later, Mount tried to look far out of the box but Neuer was still a super save.

In the 71st minute, Muller fire a clear shot in the box. But Pickford kept a super save.

In the 76th minute, England got a golden opportunity from a quick charge at Kane’s second post. But once again Neuer was able to lunge behind the block.

In the 88th minute, the visiting team got a penalty from the moment. Kane was knock down in the penalty area before referred to rise to kill.

And at the end of 90 minutes, Germany drew 1-1 at home with England.

Keyman – Jonas Hoffmann

In fact, it is difficult to pick one player in the Germany team who played better today, as they dominated the game over 90 minutes. They also play with order and teamwork, even when using mixed players on the field. But if you want to dunk one, choose to be Jonas Hofmann, the attacking right-back from Borussia Monchengladbach. That today runs surging across the field until it plays an important role in many strokes in the offensive game. He also found a finishing area so well that he had shot in twice and scored one goal. Unfortunately, the goal in the first half that referred to the ball into the bottom of the net was caught offside first.

Issues after the game

Kane’s record for England’s all-time top
scorer with one goal from penalties on the night takes Harry Kane to 50 goals for England, surpassing Sir Bobby Charlton’s 49. Became the second-most goalscoring star alone, behind only Wayne Rooney’s 53 goals. Of course, if Kane does not have a broken leg or a brain deterioration. He should not miss out on becoming the owner of the all-time top scorer of the Three Lions for sure. All that remains is to wait for the moment