Liverpool have made their first offer for Celta youngster

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Liverpool have made their first offer for Celta youngster

Liverpool have made their first offer to Celta Vigo for Spanish youngster Gabriel Bega.

Their first offer to Celta Vigo forSpanish youngster Gabriel Bega. Although the media still expects The price submitted will not be pleasing to Celta either.

Beka is another name that has mentioned throughout the summer. With links to many clubs including Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal. After having a good performance with the agency. He stepped into the main line at the age of 21 and scored 11 goals last season.

However, until now, Beka still hasn’t moved anywhere. Although in addition to the Premier League team, there are also Paris Saint-Germain and the big teams in La Liga secretly.

But the ทางเข้า ufabet the media in the fierce bull country, stated that Liverpool had made the first offer for Celta after Jurgen Klopp lost both Jordan Henderson. Rson and Fabinho leave for Saudi Arabia last week

Liverpool made an initial offer of around £22m. But negotiations are expecte to continue as Celta set the price for the 21-year-old at around £40m.

“I’ll have to wait a little longer. Because this isn’t a joke at all. But let’s be honest I want to come back and play until the end of this season. ‘Cause I don’t want to leave anything halfway Football is what I love the most in my life. And those involved in the league should find a way to end the season,” said the former Liverpool player.