Liverpool are rumore close the deal with Arelyon Joameni

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Liverpool are rumore to close the deal with Arelyon Joameni for 100 million euro.

Monaco has accepted a €100 million offer from Real Madrid of La Liga for a deal for Aurelion Joameni. According to UFABET news outlets

The French national has been a target for big teams such as Liverpool and Paris Saint-Germain. But ultimately, it was the Real Madrid that could close the deal with an initial payment of 80 million euros (67.97 million pounds). Arelyon Joameni With the remaining 20 million euros (16.99 million pounds) in future conditional bonuses, the report said.

 Arelyon Joameni from The Guardian to the Los Blancos partisans. Held talks with Monaco on Monday night and the negotiating table went smoothly.

In which Shuameni had accepted a contract with Madrid until 2027. Before the Champions League game. final

Chuameni is a product of Bordeaux’s academy. Before stepping up into the first team of the former club and joining Monaco since January 2020. And has a key player of Monaco. Having been playing continuously for the team since Season 2020/21 onwards

In addition, Chuameni has also link with many great European teams. Such as “White King” Real Madrid of Spain, “Reds” Liverpool and “Blue Lions” Chelsea, 2 teams of England, etc.

or Manchester City are still looking for a defensive midfielder as an heir to ex-Brazilian star Fernandinho. Who is currently up to 36 years old and became a substitute after Rodri Hernandez, but the team has no other players who can play this role naturally again.