Laporta won’t rule out Marquez as new trainer option.

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Rafael Marquez is still among Barcelona’s options as the new coach. According to Azulgrana’s president. Barcelona president Joan Laporta said recruiting a new coach for the Azulgrana team is under the responsibility of sports director Anderson Deco. But he confirmed that the club has not ruled out the opportunity for Barca Athletic’s 44-year-old coach. Rafael Márquez to take over as manager of the first team as well. According to a report from ‘Deario Sport’ today last Friday. 

‘The options are narrowed. But you have to ask Deco about this: Marquez is not ruled out. Because he’s doing very well.’ Laporta said about his choice to be Barca’s next trainer. ทางเข้า ufabet

‘He (Marquez) has an advantage. That is, he trains at home. And he knows the players who are training. And that is an asset that Rafa has. The club has prepared a contingency plan with the reserve coach.’

Francisco Javier Garcia Pimienta, who has been outstanding for Las Palmas was asked. If he regretted the decision to sack the 49-year-old from his job with Barcelona in the summer of 2021.

‘I have no regrets about the departure of Garcia Pimienta, who was a great coach and coach at the Academy. But I have no regrets. Rafa is putting together great magic.’ said the Barca president.