Chelsea plans offer Werner exchange Artu over Arsenal

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Chelsea plans to offer Werner in exchange for Artu over Arsenal

Calciomercato Italian outlets claim Chelsea are preparing to bring Timo Werner as one of their bids for Artu Melo from Juventus, while Premier League rivals Arsenal are close to closing the deal. with the players already in the summer market. Report from UFABET

The German has struggle to secure a place at Stamford Bridge. After being bought for club in 2020. Scoring 23 goals in 89 appearances. But has an assist record. It’s interesting by doing it up to 21 times.

Chelsea are priced around £34 million for Werner. And are believe to be open to talks with Juventus over a potential swap offer for Artu in the summer. It is expecte that both teams are ready to discuss this matter fully.

However, media reports claim that Arsenal. Who missed the Brazilian midfielder in January. Have reopened talks with the player. And can agree on personal terms Only left to agree on the fee between the clubs only.

Chelsea ‘s high-speed striker Timo Werner admits he is very skeptical about why Blues fans around the world still love and support him despite moving at an expensive price but firing. The goal was so few that it became an unsolvable problem until now.