How to reduce bad breath from garlic, pistachios, onions, durian

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How to reduce bad breath from garlic, pistachios, onions, durian, shrimp paste, and fermented fish.

Thai food with condiments and lots of spices that make it delicious and rich in flavor. But in exchange for the strong smell in those delicious foods, sometimes we have to resist eating for fear of bad breath. Or if you want to eat and can’t avoid it, you have to try to find ways to reduce bad breath. In many cases, brushing your teeth and mouthwash still cannot reduce those bad smells. Report from สมัคร ufabet


The cause of the garlic smell comes from enzymes in garlic that are converted to allicin when cut or chewed. This substance is a compound in the sulfur group. which causes bad breath and breath This scent may last up to 72 hours or 3 days.

Even though it makes a strong smell But the allicin in garlic stimulates the activity of antioxidant enzymes. Lower blood pressure and blood fat

How to reduce garlic smell

  1. Drink milk, especially fatty milk. It can reduce odor better than skim milk. or skimmed milk Because milk contains water and fat as a component. that can dissolve sulfur compounds that dissolve in water and in oil both This reduces the evaporation of garlic odor.
  2. Fruit juices or citrus fruits such as lemon juice, orange juice because fruit juice is acidic. The acid can inhibit the enzyme that converts the substances in garlic that have an odor.


Sato is a legume plant. Contains phytochemicals that help fight free radicals. and reduce blood sugar Sato also has a sulfur-containing substance that causes bad breath and breath. and our body will excrete it through urine It also makes our urine smell bad.

How to reduce odor

eat brinjal Because it contains phytochemicals and the polyphenol oxidase enzyme that reacts with sulfur components. Helps reduce the smell of pomegranate.


Onions are in the same plant group as garlic. Contains sulfur compounds Or allicin. That causes a unique smell as well. There are also food components for healthy microorganisms that help the digestive system function better.

How to reduce the smell of onions

If raw onions are eaten in salads Can be eaten alongside lettuce. Raw lettuce contains phytochemicals. and the polyphenol oxidase enzyme that helps reduce the smell of onions.


Durian contains sulfur compounds that easily evaporate. It causes a smell to the mouth and breath when eaten. If you eat a lot It may increase the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

How to reduce durian smell

You can eat apples along with durian. Because apples contain phytochemicals and the polyphenol oxidase enzyme that will react with sulfur. This helps reduce the smell of durian.

Shrimp paste, fermented fish

Shrimp paste and fermented fish are preserved through fermentation. causing the smell from fermentation to occur It is also high in sodium which causes kidney damage. And our hearts work harder as well.

How to reduce the smell of shrimp paste and fermented fish

The peels of fruits like oranges and lemons contain essential oils. That can help reduce the smell of shrimp paste and fermented fish by eating oranges. Or lemon slices (with the peel) chewed in the mouth after eating shrimp paste or fermented fish.

In addition, if there is a smell on your hands or our skin You can use orange peel. Or rub lemon on the area that has the smell. And can be washed with clean water as well.